Chapter Eighteen

Chapter 18

Ella looked at her phone and after a lot of self-doubt she managed to type out a semi-decent message. Even then she read it back to herself a few times before finally sending it.  She told herself that he would be asleep. Roman she knew was an early riser and it was late.  Miles bless him, had poured her out a second drink as he handed her a bag of popcorn and put on a trashy movie.

It had barely taken her mind off the mess she’d made with Roman, and by that she meant the fact that she’d slept with him and not the messy tangle of the bedsheets she’d looked at with mortification as she grabbed her shoes and keys earlier before shooting out of there.

As she finally composed herself enough to start thinking about sleep her phone beeped with an incoming message and she squirmed with embarrassment before even opening it.

‘Very polite. Surprised u didn’t thank me for the orgasms I gave u!’

Shooting out of bed she grabbed her robe and dragged it on before striding across the hall and knocking on Miles’s bedroom door.

“Good god woman…” he muttered as he opened the door.

“I…” she stopped and thrust her phone at him.

Miles gave her a look before reluctantly accepting it from her. He read the texts and gave her one of his grins.

“You two really need to sort this out yourselves,” he said quietly.

“I don’t know what to put,” she bit her lip as she looked at him.

“Let me get this straight, you want me to text Roman on your behalf…”

“No!” she gasped. “Look, Miles, I…” she gave a moan when she saw him typing something out on her phone.  It beeped as the message was delivered.  “What did you do?”

“I replied on your behalf,” he murmured.

“I …er…. I… what did you put?”

Miles gave her an evil looking grin before handing back her phone.

‘I would have thanked you for the orgasms, if I’d had any!’

She felt her face reaching nuclear stage of blushing, “Miles, oh my god, I don’t even talk like that!”  She managed to get out just as her phone beeped again.

‘then your acting skills have certainly improved!!!’

“I don’t even understand what that means,” she groaned chewing nervously on her bottom lip.

Miles reached out and took the phone from her.  He read the message from Roman and chuckled.

“It means that he thinks you put on a performance earlier this afternoon….”

“What…” she groaned again as her mind went blank and then her entire body went rigid and she shot a look at Miles.  “Er… when… er… no… er…. I wasn’t faking…” she stuttered.

Miles gave her an amused look.  “I presumed that,” he said before typing something out on the phone.

“Oh god what are you sending now?” She buried her face in her hands.

“Just telling him that if his performance was as good as yours then you wouldn’t have needed to fake it!”

“Miles you so can’t put that…” she muttered just as her phone beeped with the response from Roman.

Peering at him from between her fingers she waited.

‘if my performance was that bad you owe me 2nd chance to prove those multiple orgasms you used to have weren’t just flukes!’

“Multiple orgasms?” Miles asked quietly.

“Er…” Ella shook her head as she muttered a swearword under her breath.

“So do you want your phone back now?”

“Please?”  She managed in a hoarse whisper.

“One second…”

“Miles no… you…. “ She reached out for the phone but he held it up over her head until It beeped again and then she was finally able to grab hold of it.  “What the hell did you put this time?”

‘Funny not sure I remember anything like that! Perhaps having 2 push ur kids out of me dulled my memory??’

“I can’t believe that you put that,” she sniffed once, twice before reaching up and scrubbing childishly at her eyes.

“Ella,” Miles murmured with a sigh.

“No no, I get it…” she looked at him unaware that she was pouting.  “I annoyed you and…”

“Ella,” Miles said her name again.

“What?” She snapped out.

“Roman is apparently besotted with you,” he murmured patiently. “This way he knows he has to put effort into wooing you.”

“Wooing? You actually use words like that?”

“Not at school. It would get me beaten up by Year 12s.”

She chuckled just as her phone beeped again.

Yeah, I missed out on the twins. I won’t do that this time.

“What does he mean by ‘this time’?” she muttered unaware she’d said the question out loud.

Miles gave her a look, “What’s he put now?”

“Here,” she thrust the phone at him grimacing as he read it.

“Only one way to find out,” Miles said as he typed a message.

She frowned as she realised she was tapping her foot waiting for a response and then grimaced a second time when the phone beeped.  “Well?” She asked Miles.

The other man seemed to pale before thrusting the phone back into her hands, the exchange fumbling as the phone dropped to the floor.  Retrieving it she shot him a look before paling as she read the message herself.

WE didn’t use birth control.’

“I think … that you should…. Reply to that one yourself,” Miles said quietly.  “Although I might have to start charging you more rent if you plan on adding to …”

“Thank you Miles,” Ella interrupted with a whisper pulling away from him.


“There shouldn’t be any more babies from me Miles, I had a bad time with the twins,” she murmured softly as she typed out a message.  She could feel a load of different emotions churning around inside of her, each of them striving for dominance.

“I’m sorry,” Miles said quietly.

“It’s okay, I’ve got there wonderful kids.  If I wanted more I could adopt I’m sure,” she found herself saying the same refrain she’d given over the years when asked if she wanted more children.

“Is it safe to ask what you put?”

“Oh,” she gasped, “Do I have a fierce look on my face again?”

“Pretty much,” Miles chuckled at her.

She handed him the phone and he read her message back to Roman.

‘Don’t worry not stupid enough to get knocked up by you a second time!

“I guess that was a bit harsh,” she muttered accepting the phone back from him and looking at the screen.

“Maybe, but then again he has been acting like a jackass towards you for six months.”

“He said he has to protect us from Martha,” she bit her lip as she reminded herself that she was the ‘other woman’ in the relationship now.

“Ella, whatever you are thinking you need to know Roman and Martha, well it wasn’t a good fit.  He wasn’t happy.  In the few instances when I’ve actually seen you two together I think the man has smiled more than in all the years of his marriage. “

“You don’t have to cheer me up.  I still technically slept with a married man.  Twice.”

“Well that detail I didn’t need to know,” Miles said quickly.

“Oh like you don’t know everything anyway,” she waved her phone at him.

“I’m trying to not learn some things tonight,” he smirked at her as she must have blushed again.

Then her phone beeped.

“He has got to be kidding,” she muttered before swiping her finger across the screen.  “Crap!” she added after reading the message.

‘At least this time I’d know about it!’

“Sounds like he’s a little…”

“You reckon,” Ella snapped out.  She blew out a breath. “Sorry.  I should have told him I was pregnant but there were so many things going on.”

“Don’t have to explain to me.  He’s complicated. We get that,” Miles murmured with a chuckle.

She suddenly realised they were both still standing in the hallway in their nightclothes and if the kids saw them well any number of connotations could happen.  “Miles go to bed. I’ve disturbed you enough for one night.”

“Are you going to be okay Ella?”

Ella felt tears pricking at her eyes at his question and the earnest way he was looking at her.  It was nice to have someone care about you, she thought quietly.

“I’m good see,” she murmured flashing a smile at him.  “Night,” she added slipping away and heading into her room.





Roman watched the minutes tick by on the display on his phone.  He guessed that there would be no more messages tonight, it was late. She would be up early with the kids getting them to school and… he paused in his thoughts.  He hadn’t used birth control. Hadn’t even asked her about it.  He, who’d always been careful in that respect, learning a valuable lesson when he’d become a father at 17.   Not that any birth control was a hundred percent guaranteed.

Running his hand across his face he looked at his phone again before rolling over and thumping his pillow.  Laying his head down he focused on trying to get to sleep.  Just a few hours ago Ella had been in this bed with him.  She’d been kissing him and wrapping her long legs around his waist and dammit, he groaned.

He and Martha hadn’t been intimate for a long time.   So long in fact that he had reached the stage where he didn’t even bother trying to initiate things anymore.  What was the point when she rejected him at every turn?  Even reaching out to hold her hand had been pointless. She’d let him clasp her hand for a brief moment and then find an excuse to move away from him.

Ella though, well she was so different. Like she was there to breathe life into him in some way and he was in love with her.

He groaned and rolled over on his back again looking up at the dancing shadows across the ceiling.   He could still smell her perfume on the sheets of his bed and knew if he closed his eyes he would be able to imagine her there with him.   Imagine the feel of her hands on his skin, the press of her lips against his.  How she tasted when he kissed her, when he trailed his tongue along her skin.  The sounds she made as he pleasured her, as he loved her.

He could leave now and over to her within a few minutes. He could climb up that trellis and slip inside her room. Slip inside her bed and pull her into his arms.   She’d smell of strawberries and that perfume she wore.

He loved the way her body would tense just for a moment before melding to his body, before pressing herself against him.   And he loved it when he could wrap arms around her, keeping her safe.  It had been so long since he’d held her like that and if her texts tonight were anything to go by it would be a long time before he’d get the chance again.