10 thoughts on “Tele’s Poetry

  1. Vodka words

    I’ve got the vodka out and filled up my glass,

    no sipping it slowly, I’m not making it last.

    The candles are lit and the mood is mellow,

    Filled with flames of flickering blue and yellow

    Sandalwood smoke curls around the room

    as incense burns away in the twilight gloom

    I’ve been reading my poetry from long ago

    When I wrote of pain that wouldn’t go

    The days I wore black to defend my soul

    Or my shattered heart could never be whole

    So I sip from my glass and look around to see

    Ghosts of the past reminding me

    Of the knife and the pain and the hope<

    Of the life snuffed out with hangman's rope

    Metaphors for the choices that I made

    Times I should have left but instead I stayed.

    Sipping the vodka I let my memory drift

    Bridging over the gaps, over the rift

    I was a vampire poet once upon a time

    Now my words feel like useless rhyme

    So pull up a chair and pour out a drink…

    We'll talk of those times lost in a blink

    Until the nightmares give up and go

    and the dawning sun begins to glow

  2. Grey Cat

    Sleeping like that

    How is that fair

    When I was studying

    You were everywhere

    On my notes, on my book

    Flicking your tail

    Everytime I tried to look!

    And now you sleep

    Your tail curled

    And my notes are safe

    The page unfurled

    But its late and my eyes ache

    I’d go to bed

    My tiredness creeping,

    But guess where you are sleeping?

  3. Hate

    I hate you because,
    I hate you for breaking my heart
    I hate you for smashing my trust
    I hate you because
    I’m still in love
    I hate you for leaving
    For saying goodbye
    I hate you for making me cry
    I hate you for moving on
    I hate you for so many things
    but I really hate you
    for never looking back
    for never seeing what I saw
    For never being who you said you were
    I can’t explain how much I hate
    Because I can’t have my clean slate
    I remember every single touch
    As though it meant that much
    But you were a liar and a thief
    You took my heart, my soul, my belief
    You left me alone to die
    You left me alone to cry
    You left me no choice but to try
    And I woke up
    I learned to breath
    And I learned not to grieve
    You were nothing to me
    Except my hate

  4. Paint it black.

    They call me human, but I’m not,
    They say I’m ok but inside is rot.
    They pinned a medal on my chest
    But my soul gets no rest
    From the screams of the dead
    That fill my nights with dread
    So now my gun is my friend
    For nightmares that never end
    And I shoot to kill
    Killing a vicarious thrill
    They say I’m a changed inside
    Do they know what I hide?
    The part that cowers in shame
    Because I remember the name
    Of the ones who didn’t come back
    Fate, please paint it black
    Black as night, black as my soul
    This laughing man is not whole
    I went to war believing in good
    My hands now covered in blood.
    I shot and killed and killed and shot
    Duty is all that I’ve got.
    Given a hero’s return
    When in hell my soul will burn
    Because of all that I did
    And the guilt that I cannot rid
    I wear a uniform and follow orders
    Protecting my country’s borders
    But my heart is deep in shame
    Filled by a growing anger I cannot tame
    Stop me before its too late
    Before I’m consumed with hate
    And with a gun in my hand
    Killing, all that I can understand

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  6. what have you taken away?
    a fog of misery as perceptions twist.
    once we experienced bliss,
    glad-hearted and innocent,
    but your thirst vanished.
    a furious pool of blood –
    tears follow hate, follow love,
    love bled dry.
    in a torrent of righteousness,
    i still love you.

  7. The Blackest Gift

    The beautiful one awakes.

    Night shrouds her pale form,
    an everlasting desire.

    Her midnight hair cascades over
    translucent ivory shoulders, and her
    full crimson lips part slightly, to taste the
    darkness streaming from the
    pale flesh beneath

    Now a night of new awareness,
    and innocence flees.

  8. Just you, just me

    I was just sitting here, dreaming of you so far away
    Thinking of that time when there was nothing to say
    When all had been said,
    Words drifting away dead
    When silence was all we had
    And it all seemed so hard, turned so bad.
    When nothing but hate was in our heart
    And it seemed as though we had drifted apart
    There was nothing left but lonely night and day
    Nothing left to make me stay
    But I saw you again, true
    The one I thought I knew!
    Touching hands in that special little way
    Kissing and fooling and at play
    Where had that gone? Disappeared in the night
    Disappeared out of my sight
    And then from out of the blue
    You were the one I once knew
    You held me close in your arms so strong
    As though nothing had ever gone wrong
    Just as though those words had not been said
    The ones that felt as though I were dead
    Curious this feeling of love pervading
    This sense of gentle persuading
    I thought we were talked out
    I thought nothing was left except the angry shout
    But here we are, lovers once more
    Who am I to keep score
    I’ll settle for this feeling of bliss
    I’ll settle for that touch, that kiss
    And if it drifts away like before
    I’ll know, I’ll be sure
    What was, can be
    Just you and just me

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