Broken Branches – M Jonathan Lee

A Full Five Stars for this Impressive Book.

Broken Branches is a book by M Jonathan Lee published by Hideaway Fall Publishing.

I don’t often hand out a full five stars unless I find the story gripping, the dialogue honest, and the plot involved enough to keep me interested. In Broken Branches by M Jonathan Lee I I found all three.

The story opens up with the atmospheric description of a cursed tree. The cloying branches reaching towards a storybook type cottage but inside it is far from the happy family set up. There is something remaining unspoken between the main characters, we’re confronted by Rachel’s distance from Ian. He believes that if he solves the mystery of his family’s curse then he can reach her.

Whilst we don’t see much from Rachel’s point of view during the story it is in a way mirroring Ian’s own separation from his wife. If this was intentional on the part of the author then it certainly was a masterstroke. There were moments in the story that left you gasping and holding your breath as you read on. The suspense and moments of dread increased as Ian moved closer to the answers he needed.

If you want a story that will keep you guessing until the last pages, a creepy read filled with ethereal touches then let Broken Branches reach out for you…