Guest Post from Allie Frost

Author Allie Frost, the author of the book ‘I’m With You’,  agreed to give me an exclusive insight into how she creates her characters here in this guest post.  Her book is a winner in the Indie Genius Award from Dragon Tree Books and also the Literary Titan Book Award (Gold) June 2017! 

How I Handle Character Development


Character development is one of my favorite parts of the writing process, but it can also be incredibly frustrating. There are so many factors to consider; personality traits, physical appearance, role in the story, relationships to other characters, etc, and trying to put it all together can get overwhelming.

Overall, I think it’s important to take a step back and consider how a reader might view a character. Obviously, I have my own opinion of my characters, but readers can glean a different perspective, and while that’s often a good thing, it can also be a negative. What if your audience doesn’t find your hero/heroine relatable? What if your main character comes across as too “perfect?” What if they’re not rooting for your protagonist? What if your villain lacks defining traits besides being “evil”? Characters are the multi-layered heart of stories; they are the point of connection for readers, the ones who drive the plot forward and reach out to grab your audience and take them on a journey.

I do a lot of outlining when creating characters, which allows me to compile all of the details in one place. For every project, I make a list of my characters and jot down all of their traits (even insignificant ones) and outline their history and personal arc through the story, no matter how small their role is. Even details that don’t bear relevance to the plot help me form a concrete idea of what a character is like, what their motivations are, why they are prone to certain behaviors, or how they will act in certain situations. It’s handy to have a reference, and then it’s easy to swap out and alter details when changes to the story inevitably occur. Characters change and evolve with the plot and vice versa, and even minor characters, whether they have only a couple of appearances or a brief scene in one chapter, should be distinct. Even if it’s a fantasy story or set in a fictional world, characters must feel real on some level. They should have strengths and flaws, quirks that make them stand out, motivations and opinions, so that their actions will have an impact on the plot and on the reader. If readers identify with my characters in a meaningful way, I consider that a victory.

Details of her book are as follows: 
The Blurb:

When fifteen-year-old Ciarán Morrigan eavesdrops on a conversation between his father and two mysterious strangers, his life—and the life of his little sister, Remiel—is changed forever. After their father makes a startling decision, the Morrigan siblings are forced to flee the only life they’ve ever known and embark on a dangerous adventure across the nation of Empirya. With the enlisted help of a disinherited vagabond, a cynical violinist, a fire-juggler with a fierce temper, an aspiring mechanic, and a cheerful librarian, Ciarán and Remiel must fight to escape the clutches of lethal pursuers. Their journey carries them through smog-filled cities, dark forests, humble towns, and perilous mountains, but will Remiel’s dark secret and ghosts from the past prevent the Morrigan children from finding a place they can truly call home?

If you want to connect with Allie her links are below: 

Twitter: @frostallie
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Also, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan you should totally follow her blog  – Frostwritten   her episode recaps are on point!!


New blog to check out!

I always like to support my fellow bloggers where I can and this is no exception.  Please hop along and show some love to Lainy and her blog  ‘Bookish Bits Blog’.  She’s an avid reader (and fan of just about everything).  You’ll love her reviews and if she can’t get you reading I don’t know what will.  The link is below so there is no excuse not to check it out or you know, give her a follow!



October HorrorFest

Having seen some similar posts floating around I decided that I would dedicate the month of October to the horror genre!

There will be 31 horror films, a number of horror stories, and a smattering of ghost tales.

To start off with the films.  – Lights Out.  Creepy, atmospheric, disturbing.  Do not choose to watch with the lights out, however.  That feeling of being watched, of someone behind you, will never leave you after this film.

What are your favourite horror films?

E’s are good…. E’s are good….

Day 498 of the A to Z challenge and here in the Big Blogging House  we’ve entered into the diary room….

Have you ever stopped to think about relevant things in your life and then tried to sort them out into alphabetical order?  Let me just say it’s hard.  My mind is a blank for E.  I was going to use the word ‘Everything’ and give a run down of everything I like to do however that doesn’t narrow it down so much.

So here.

E is for Ella.

Her name is Elizabeth Louise Laura Addison.

Her initials were printed on her camera strap when they first met leading Roman  to read them thinking that was her name. When they were finally introduced and she told him her name was Elizabeth it was too late, to him she’d always be his Ella.

I came up with that because I wanted my characters to share something special, he christened her with a name and actually seeing her as a separate entity to her parents, her brother, but also because I wanted to have her be recognisable.  In the sense that when you googled her real name she’d be near the top of the search.  It offered some shielding to her, some layers that prevented the reader from finding out too much in one go.

Ella first made an appearance in ‘The Lost Letter’, however her character and story arc have been extended with prequels and sequels (and more sequels).  In the lost letter we saw a glimpse of how she was when separate to Roman. A mother to her son, also called Roman.  The audience is left guessing as to whether the former Roman is the father of her child.

When Roman finds out he isn’t the father there is almost more disappointment than relief.  For Ella though, her son was part of the excuse she used not to track Roman down.

Ella is a complicated character to write.   She is extremely vulnerable whilst being strong enough to support her husband through his PTSD.   When she is attacked in ‘The Darkness’ by  Roman’s former comrade and the man who was responsible for her brothers death you see a breakdown in their relationship. They are both keeping secrets from one another and for a period of time you feel that they are doomed.

The follow up story to ‘The Darkness’ was originally  ‘Remembrance of Time’ moving forward in time over 4 years and where I gave Ella amnesia and then created this person she was seeing behind Roman’s back.  I barely touched upon the jealousy aspect before I inflicted  first a tragic loss and then illness on them.

I chose to skip that time period because I wanted to show an Ella that was recovered from what happened to her.  But it wasn’t long before I returned to those missing 4 years and started writing.  I’m very proud of this story despite it taking a lot not only to write but also a lot of time.   The story is  ‘Bound by Fear, Rescued by Love’.   We see what they’ve gone through in those four years and just what a toll the events in ‘The Darkness’ have had on them, especially Ella.

Ella is a strong person but to make her complete she needs Roman. When their relationship breaks down to the point that divorce seems their only option something brings them back together.

After ‘Remembrance of Time’ I came up with ‘Elliot’s Return’, once more bringing back a foe of Roman’s.  He’d  been in Summer Bay before nearly killing Nicole and Geoff before Roman stopped him. Now he was responsible for taking Ella and keeping her prisoner for six months.  When he finally revealed her to them she was pregnant and ill believing herself to be Elliot’s wife.  Within hours of meeting Roman their connection drew them together and she returned to him not knowing that was part of Elliot’s plan!

From there came ‘The Way Back’.  She removed herself from Roman’s life for three months needing to heal and believing that was the only way to save them both from any more plotting by Elliot. When she returned thinking that they had divorced in the process it is only a matter of time before their attraction returned.  Despite the plotting of their children (and half the population of Summer Bay) things were not as smooth running as my readers wanted and I kept them on/off for most of the story.

I haven’t mentioned ‘A Summer Bay Wedding’ for several reasons, one being that although you see them as new married couple the story focuses more on Nicole and Geoff.  (Nicole is Roman’s daughter by a previous partner).   The story slots in between ‘The Lost Letter’ and ‘The Darkness’.  I mention it now because having finally won Ella back they are in their own story entitled ‘A Summer Bay Wedding II’.

When I was writing it I did a lot of looking at wedding dresses as I wanted to describe the perfect one for Ella.   It’s been a number of years since I finished it and I still have no idea what her ideal dress was like.  But it’s okay, it wasn’t their first wedding and wouldn’t be their last!

After ‘A Summer Bay Wedding II’ came ‘Broken’, what could be better than spending a few thousand words getting them together if not splitting them up again.

If you read my post ‘D is for Dead’ you’d see that I have a problem killing characters, no such problem inflicting pain and misery on Ella and Roman though.

I thought this would be a short little summery of my main character but there is so much about her that I could write, stories not withstanding.  Her love for Roman is only matched by the love she has for her children and that includes  Roman’s daughter and foster son.  She has a career as a photographer but that has so often come second to everything it is only now that she is finding a balance between home, family, and work.

She had a close bond with Harry, her godfather, and Joe, a colleague of her fathers, to an extent that it could be seen she was trying to gain the fatherly approval she seemed to have missed out on as a child.  Instead a reconciliation with her father answers the very many questions that she had as a child regarding her mother’s treatment of her.

In Ella I explored what it felt like to be abused by your mother.  Parents are supposed to be care givers and when that trust is broken it makes it hard to trust anyone.  On occasion I’ve had Roman break her trust, there have been moments where I’ve had him display violence towards her as his PTSD is triggered.

It is interesting that when that happens it is Roman who is hurt more by it.   As a former soldier he has the training to kill her, however I wouldn’t describe it as an abusive relationship as he doesn’t use it as a control mechanism for a start and there are only three major incidents in  a twenty-year history.  (I know for some that would be three incidents too many).

Ella in fact, does her fair share of slapping him, not to mention her trademark poking him in the ribs.

I need to finish this now,  I’ve gone over 1000 words and I can see myself typing even more.  I’ve put Ella (and also Roman) through everything that you can think off and somehow they manage to remain my favourite characters.

For a glimpse of Ella there is story posted on this blog called ‘Debated Heart’.   For my other stories follow the links I’ve put at the side.





A is for All the A’s.

Attitude, Arrangement, Alliteration, Allegory, Ambiguity!



Writers have to live with a certain attitude. Their own and that of others.   ‘Oh you’re a writer,’ we often hear as though being a writer denotes us as having something wrong with us.  Sometimes when we admit this we get bombarded with references to other writers as though we should follow their example as though we can never amount to anything without following the herd.

Writing takes attitude. We have to have a certain amount of self-belief because not only are we our own harshest critics we also have to put up with everyone else pouring scorn over our work. Especially other authors!  Now that we are in the digital age, (okay we’ve been here a while!) the internet is the breeding ground for bullies and fake friends and… all manner of people.  I am of the opinion that people believe what they do and how they act on the internet is separate to how they are in real life.  Be prepared because when you do put your work out there people will tear it to shreds. There are  a couple of well known websites where one star reviews are common and you know what, in most cases the reviewer hasn’t even read the book.

So if you think that writing is easy, it’s not.  You have to have attitude.  (along with discipline, courage, and self-belief but they don’t start with A.)


Take a line,

Now put it in order,

Remove a comma

Does that make it shorter?

Poetry is all about the arrangement of words.  For years I’ve struggled with the question of whether I’m a poet or a writer.  If I was doing well with my writing chances were that I wasn’t penning poems or if all I was doing was poetry then I wasn’t “writing”.  Now I have balance and I know that I can do both.

Poetry for me is take pure forms of emotion and trapping them in verse.  It’s about arranging words until they feel right. It’s magical when it goes well and hell when it doesn’t. I love developing new rhythms and twisting meanings.  One of my recent works was about suicide and trying to explain (to self or others) why that was an option.  Most people that read it believed that it was about a relationship that was ending. A poet can use AMBIGUITY to twist inflictions within a poem.


As per above, you can think it means one thing and instead they were writing about something else.  Some poets using vagueness in their work deliberately to add ambiguity.  Do you ever read something and ask ‘but what did they mean?’.  A good poet does it to make you think, to keep you interested and a bad poet does it because they are unsure or they want to hide their flaws behind it.

Early on in my writing life I adored using ambiguity in my work.   It was easy to pen something that could be read with a number of meanings.  But poetry requires a certain dedication if it is going to flourish past the fledging  stage. Now if you find ambiguity in my work it is not deliberate to hook or trick the reader but more because of your own interpretations because quite often you relate it to your experiences and emotions.

The strength of a poem relies upon your relationship with it not any tricks we poets put into it.


This is one of my favourite tricks in poetry, using the same letter sound on a line within a rhyme or verse, traditionally it was used on consonants but recently I’ve seen poets use it for vowels too.  I try not to use it often because  it can become stale sounding and tie you into formulaic style of writing.   It’s a good tool for teaching poetry or word sounds to children.

The cold can of coke cools Colin considerably.

As the cotton-like contoured clouds clash

Like passionate pumped up powder puffs

before shielding the sunburst of the sun

For our  Colin, he  with the cold  coke-a-cola can!



Is another of my favourite tricks, not just in poetry but in my other writing too. When writing flash fiction (short stories of limited words) I enjoy leading you down to a conclusion and just as you get there you discover that underneath it all there was another motive, another definition, a different interpretation.  The definition is as follows:

ˈalɪɡ(ə)ri/ noun
  1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.
    (From Wikiepedia)
  Just when you think you have it worked out  there is more below the surface.  Like life, poetry and writing is complex and full of depth.  Always look beyond what you can see.
So this is my first post in the A to Z challenge.  I hope you enjoyed it and tomorrow you’ll tune in to find out what  ‘B’ is!
Love Tele x



The A to Z Challenge

So I might have mentioned about this before. For the month of April there is a challenge set out to do an A – Z list and blog everyday (except Sundays!). There are over 1,600 blogs taking part and the object is to post a blog everyday (except Sundays obviously) and countdown from A to Z….  Some blogs will have themes and others will just have random posts.

Me? Well I can’t decide…. You could have a mix of everything!  Best to keep popping in to check…