Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard is an 11-month-old baby suffering from a rare genetic condition currently on life support at Great Ormand Street Hospital (GOSH) in London.  Doctors have gone o court to appeal for the child’s life support to be removed and allowing him to die peacefully.  His parents fought and appealed the decision, even taking the case to the European Courts.  Currently, it is going through another appeals procedure, as an American doctor has offered an experimental treatment. People from all over the globe have become involved from President Trump to the Pope.

Today the news was full of how the staff working at GOSH are receiving death threats over the Charlie Gard case, I’ve been reading up on it. The poor child in question is going to die and it is now a case of when. GOSH have been to court several times to say that now is enough and it’s time to let the baby die in peace.

There isn’t a parent on the planet that wouldn’t fight for their child and credit to the parents of Charlie Gard for their fight but now is their time to look at the whole picture.
An infamous doctor in America wants to try an EXPERIMENTAL nucleoside therapy that he cannot guarantee would even work, let alone if it did would only offer a 10% chance of improvement in Charlie Gard’s health.
Ten percent. Let that sink in. Even if it works it won’t prevent the eventual death of Charlie Gard, who present medical condition include: MDDS starving Charlie Gard’s muscles, kidneys, and brain of the energy needed to function. Because of his epileptic encephalopathy, Charlie also suffers from frequent seizures and has extensive, irreversible brain damage at both the structural and cellular level. Does this sound like a life you want to prolong?
There are only two reasons why this American doctor has become involved, notoriety and money – Charlie Gard’s parents have raised £1.5 million to pay for the treatment.
People can sit on either side of the argument and throw stones at the other but here’s what I think you should do, just stop and think about Charlie. Not the parents, not the American doctor, not even GOSH. Just think about Charlie because if he were your son would you want him to keep suffering?