Renewed Magic – Stephany Wallace

Renewed Magic, An Ancient Novel book 2, is now Available for Pre-Order!

How can one choose between right and wrong, when the line blurs before our eyes?

After the devastating battle at the lake, all Briana has left is pain. Feeling lost and among people who see her as an outsider, she finds it harder to accept her destiny.

As her fate unfolds, Bri finds the hope she desperately needs to embrace her future. But when the enemy returns, threatening to destroy everything she has achieved, it will ignite a need for justice others see as revenge. Yet, fighting for what she believes might just cost her the most important person in her life…

The man she loves.

Will the light inside Bri guide her to the right path, or will she succumb to the darkness?

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*This book is NA. A YA version will be available soon.