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Welcome to a new blogger ..a new voice in the wilderness…  please go over and give her blog a like! Let’s share the love everyone!



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So I’ve noticed that although there is a lot of traffic on this blog not a lot of you stay around long enough to add a comment.

Let’s do something to change that.  If there is a subject that you feel strongly about and we’ve mentioned then add your thoughts.

If there is a book that you like …. please add a line or two to say why.  If you are an author and you want to add me to your blog tour then by all means give me a shout.

This blog is evolving, adapting, changing.  It is a growing thing and we’d like your input.

We adore comments, likes and most especially follows.





This is another update… aren’t you lucky!

What is this all about?

This blog is about me.   About the things I do and like and see and things that worry me.  It is about communication on so many levels from writing and fun stuff and text messaging and online chatting and Facebook addiction. About the things I do and things I think and just things in general….. There will be long rants and strange posts and sometimes posts about nothing at all… Poetry and stories….  Keep reading… It is about life from mundane topic of clothes I wear to comments about society.   Things that scare me, challenge me and entertain me.   And it is probably just like a hundred other blogs you read.  But just to make it special you’ll see my writing, my poetry and story ideas. You’ll see my successes and my frustrations.

I’ve always written and had crazy ideas about characters and in my writing of ‘Fan Fiction’  you’ll witness how I’ve taken some existing characters and added my own.   For more information on this check out the post entitled ‘Fan Fiction’ where I explain what  Rola is and how it came about.  I write about an original character called Ella and Roman Harris from the Australian Soap opera ‘Home and Away’. This series of stories is ongoing with more stories planned out.   It has it’s own fan base who love “Rola”… Check out ‘Debated Heart’ for a taster. This is a stand-alone Rola story. Interestingly enough is the fact that after 20 years I no longer watch the show but I still write the stories.

I flirt with vampires.   Having grown up loving the immortal and supernatural characters I know I have a whole range of stories about them. A taster is my story ‘Dante’.  My 300-year-old vampire is impatiently awaiting me to update his story (especially as inside my head I already have the sequel!) A first taster can be found on this blog.

Check out my poetry. I’ve been writing poetry all my life, my first published piece was placed on the wall at junior school when I was just 10!   I say that if you want to know me then decipher the poems as I add a bit of ‘me’ to each one. I’ve posted some of my poetry here under ‘Publications and Other Things’. What inspires me to write? Everything and nothing.  Its about experimenting with expression.


Other Bloggers,

Now I’m sure that you’ve noticed I’ve persuaded a number of other people to start blogging here and have given them their own category so that you can find them.

First you have own very own Mr. Gray with ‘Gray is the new… ‘ and although he might deny it so happens that he is an exceptional writer.

Then we have Zetti.  There is an awful lot I can say about Zetti however I’m saving it so I can blackmail her later. I’ve given her the category of ‘Zetti goes Zen’.  She has a wonderful insight into things sometimes. Very Zen.

Last but no means least is Steve. He is an amazing human being, a gentle soul and he also possesses the best sense of humour.  We couldn’t decide what category to give him until we agreed on ‘Steve’s Zany Fun’. It doesn’t sum him up at all because there is so much more to him than just his zany sense of humour.

Check them out.

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Check out…..

Hey y’all….

I’ve finally got around to refreshing the site today and that includes looking at the links I had stored on my ‘blogroll’. You know those handy links down the side or bottom of the page that took you other blogs that might be of interest.   I managed to add a new one for you too.  If you have a blog and want it to be featured then by all means give me a shout and I’ll be happy to add it.



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Writers Block!!

So I have like  dozen or so stories in my head to get down on my laptop.. and you’ve guessed it, today I have writers block.  It’s not like I haven’t had it before but today it feels a bit different.  I’m very close to finishing one of my ‘Rola’ stories and although it slots into the  ‘timeline’ of them so I know how it ends it still feels like it has more to say.  Which, of course is ridiculous because there isn’t anything else to put into the story.

Harlequin MB have done their annual ‘So you think you can write’ competition and I’ve been playing around with ideas about entering this for the past few years. I have two solid ideas for romance novels in my head to get down.  I’ve written the synopsis for one and the first chapter of the other.  I could enter it if I managed to get 50,000 words down by September.

Here on my blog is Dante. My vampire novel. It long ago needed an update and although, again, I can see the story in my head getting it written is another story.

Maybe I need to be like Barbara Cartland and transcribe my stories to a team of secretaries? That would do it when my fingers are too weary to type anymore.When my RSI is acting up and my hand goes numb.

I’ve done a lot of work in the past couple of weeks, updating various websites with stories and poetry.  Liaising with new fans and other authors alike.  I’ve gained new likes on my author page on Facebook which is fantastic as they seemed to stagnate for a while.  It’s also given me the chance to like other authors in turn and discover their writing.

As a writer you should never be too high and mighty that you stop learning and adapting your own writing style.   Early works of mine make me cringe when I reread them proliferated with an abundance of ‘tell’ over ‘show’ but now I’ve reached a kind of balance.   For example,  if you say your character is blushing that falls into ‘tell’ but if your character “feels a slow tide of heat reaching up from her chest and landing in two identical patches of red in her cheeks”  that is ‘show’ and doesn’t it describe how the blush develops and spreads?

Okay, I’ll stop messing around on here and go write something…

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What is in a name….

What is in a name comes from Shakespeare and his play ‘Romeo and Juliet’.  In the scene Juliet murmurs that just because she is called Capulet it does not mean she is any different to anyone else.   She asks:

‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose  By any other name would smell as sweet;

meaning of course that it would still be what it is if it were called something else.  That it wouldn’t change.

So today I draw your attention to the following words… FAT SHAMING  and HOMOPHOBIA ….    These are distinctive words thrown about on the internet, in articles in every day conversations.   But they are nothing more than bullying.   Don’t give them other names. Don’t incite them or spread them. It’s bullying.  It’s harassment. AND IT NEEDS TO STOP.

Businesses that deny services to people on the grounds of sexual orientation.  You are bullies.   You claim it is for religious reasons well I draw your attention to the following video on You Tube:

The West Wing Jed Bartlett on Scripture

Listen well to those words.  You can worship God in a respectful manner and honour your commitment to him (or her) without being a dick to everyone else.   Why are you judging them? Surely that is down to God to do that?

Bullying is abhorrent whatever form it comes in.  Maying someone ashamed of themselves to give yourself  temporary power over them?  To give yourself some kind of thrill? To make out you are better than them? Newsflash for you… if you treat someone in a manner that you would hate to be treated then you aren’t powerful, you aren’t better than them….  you are actually a lessor person and the person who should be shamed.

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Review – ‘Kevin from Work’

So with a lot of spare time on my hands I get to watch a lot of TV shows… some fresh from the US!  The first one I want to talk about is the show ‘Kevin from Work’ starring Noah Reid as Kevin.  The plotline is very simple, Kevin has been crushing on a girl at work and as he’s about to leave to start a new job in another country he ends up telling her  he is in love with her.

It starts off alright, we see Kevin, his best friend in discussion, his workplace  and the aforementioned girl of his dreams ‘Audrey’, played by Paige Spara.  From there the show deteriorates into a pile of clichés.

Unable to call or email Audrey, Kevin decides to write her a letter and several tries later we see him posting it.   As the morning arrives along with his soberness he tries to get the letter back, first by going to the post box and then the post office.   Failing both of those options he ends up at her apartment to  recover the letter only to run foul of her room mate, whereby he has sex with her to retrieve the as yet unopened envelope.   There he runs into present boyfriend of Audrey and is forced to hand over the envelope and escape.

So there you are,  oh and of course his job falls through and he ends up staying in his apartment (with his sister) and stuck back in his old job next to the “love of his life”.

Why would the writers of this show think it a good idea to lump together so many IQ challenged people in one sitcom?  The sister is the epitome of reality televisions worst characters and the room mate is a sex mad uber-feminist.  The best friend offers no support at all and the boyfriend of Audrey is painted so that we already hate him.
The most offensive part of this is the fact that ‘Kevin’ suddenly has no morals and will sleep with said room mate even though he has feelings for someone else…   What part of that was funny?

In fact what part of this show overall was in anyway fun to watch?

I offer to you ‘Kevin from Work’ … watch at your peril…

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So yeah,  sorting myself out included a trip to the opticians for an eye test.

Turns out that I have Macular Degeneration.  There are two forms of this entitled ‘Wet’ and ‘Dry’. The ‘wet’ version is treatable. The ‘dry’ is not (yet) treatable.  I am in the early stages and as of yet I haven’t seen a doctor to have this confirmed.  I’m  not scared even though the end stages of this are that I will probably be blind.   We’re talking years before that happens and who knows what science could come up with before then.

I collect my new glassed the day after my birthday and just to be more complex… I am both long and short sighted … I’ve requested a pair for each condition to start off with and in a few months I may progress to varifocals or bifocals.

Even with my diagnosis, I’m lucky. I live in England that has a welfare system that can help me. There are so many countries out that deny even basic medicine to their people.  Look to America for example, a country in the top percentile which doesn’t even want to put forward ‘Obama Care’ or as it should be known, the affordable care act.  This doesn’t even give free healthcare to those in need it just provides cheaper insurance.  America is all kinds of broken, especially in terms of its squabbling government, many of whom prefer to line their pockets than fulfil the promises they’ve made to their electorate to get into power in the first place.  Something we can relate to in Britain.

Maybe ending up blind will be a good thing because I’ll no longer see the ugliness that is everywhere.  From racial hatred to violence to senseless acts to what must seem petty things like a lack of care for the environment, dropping litter and graffiti.   There is a lack of care, a lack of pride of self-esteem that is festering like an open wound in society.  We’re so quick to ascribe blame because things don’t work out the way we want that we don’t see things as opportunities to move in a new direction.

This then is my new direction, I’m going to get a definative diagnosis. I’m going to read up on it and inform myself what it means, what timescale I’m looking at.  I’m going to watch sunrises and sunsets and look up at the moon and imprint those images inside my brain just in case.

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She bumped into him, or he into her.  She didn’t notice that one of her long blonde hairs had clung to his sleeve as they eased apart.

As he apologised he realised that his expensive watch had caught on the sleeve of her coat.  As she helped him release it she caught his hand with one of her freshly manicured nails.  Minute traces of his skin cells were now underneath her nails just as her cells were lingering on his skin.   They untangled but not before more damage was done, a broken fingernail she’d only notice later and the scratch on his wrist watch that would match against the scarring on the plastic button on her coat.

Her perfume, made unique by her body’s own natural odour, would linger on him. The make-up she was wearing would leave traces as her head brushed against his sleeve.    Everything would be matched back to her, compared with what she was wearing, with what she had in her house.  Catalogued and contrasted.  The evidence would build up until she couldn’t refute it.

They’d never seen each other before despite the shared commute every morning. He was a banker working in the tallest building in London and she was a secretary, although she preferred to be called an Executive Assistant.  That day they exchanged pleasantries for the first and incidentally the last time, by day’s end she would lose the job she loved and be cast out as though she was nothing although something far more dramatic was heading his way.

They said she used gloves when she shot him and later discarded them.  CCTV footage taken later that day would see her placing ‘something’ in the rubbish bin outside one of the many tube stations she frequented on her trip to work and back.  A forensic team would arrive too late to determine what she threw away and her solicitor would use that in her defence.

She claimed that it was merely an empty sandwich container, she’d  too busy to eat earlier in the day regardless of buying her lunch at her usual time, the very same sandwich place that had seen him visiting for his usual shot of coffee.  More cameras had caught them together, a  selfie taken by an excited tourist and placed on social media had seen the both of them in the background.   More proof of their connected and intertwined life coming out in the courtroom.

The evidence although circumstantial was building.  On trial for her life she couldn’t understand why she was being targeted like this. She’d never even had a parking ticket before.  Her life was scrutinised and examined by a group of strangers and her control was shattered.  That’s why when the guilty verdict was read out in court she stood up and threatened to kill everyone.  Her own demeanour was now damning her.

The real killer sat in the back of the room and smiled at how easy it had been to frame someone.

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