Hybrid – Apryl Baker

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Hybrid, (The Othala Witch Collection, Sector 3)

by USA Today Bestselling Author Apryl Baker

Abomination. The word follows Katyia Dragonovich, bastard daughter of the Regent of Sector Three.

After being turned over to the vampire clan by the only mother she has ever known, Katyia swears vengeance. Although terrified, she boldly faces her new future, even if it’s an uncertain one with a man who is as cold as the mountain’s ice caps.

When the Vampire clan discovers one of their new turns has been infected with ravager blood, they rally for her extermination. They cannot allow anything carrying the mark of the monstrous creatures that have overrun their world to live among them.

But Roman Stratcovich, rightful king of the Vampire clans, has other plans. This hybrid woman—part witch, part vampire, part ravager—may be the secret to gaining what he’s lost. More than that, however, she’s also the key to unlocking his cold heart.

The question is, does he want her to?

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A New Dawn – Jae Vogel

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Aurora Potier had struggled all her adult life. Two jobs at a time is not unusual in New York City, and with her mother unable to work, it’s been an endless uphill battle just to survive since she was a teen. There isn’t time to blink, much less think about slipping from this endless cycle. Work, sleep, repeat. It’s been her life for a while, now.

But when her exhausting routine is tripped by some unexpected and violent complications, Aurora finds that her life of scraping by is only the surface. There’s more to her than even she realized, and more to the father that walked out before she could even remember his face.

She’s about to have the most unpredictable day of her life; what a time to get stuck wearing heels!

Masterful Lord of Thessaly – Rachael Slate

Hidden in plain sight
Lapith noblewoman Delia has been leading two lives. One, as the dutiful wife of the centaur Lord Hector. The other, a fierce Amazon warrior tasked with rescuing nymphs from a hellish fate of slavery. She’s just steps away from the largest rescue mission yet, and there’s only one thing standing in her way–her husband.

lordUnraveling her darkest secrets
As the heir to King Cheiron, Hector has borne the weight of an empire on his shoulders ever since his birth. With each passing year, Cheiron’s subjects look to him as their new leader. But he can’t rule a Kingdom when he can’t even solve the mystery in his own castle. The woman posing as his mate isn’t his wife, and the female avoiding him all these years is the one he can’t resist.

A love too late
When Delia disobeys the Amazon Queen to save Hector’s life, they are banished to Lapith lands–enemy territory. Forced to work together, they must ensure the survival of their races, and their hearts, before the coming war draws a line between them that neither will be able to cross.

Dark Pursuit – Lisa Carlisle

It’s Christmastime at the Chateau. 

Waiting for his lover to return is torment, but the sculptor, Antoine, plans to exploit Savannah’s return to the art colony to the fullest, acting out his fantasies each night. Savannah has spent much time in Boston while she finishes her degree, but they will have weeks together to make up for lost time.

When Savannah doesn’t disembark the ferry, Antoine fears the worst. Something must have happened to her, something terrible. He’s made recent enemies after wolf shifters had come to the island and battles ensued.

Antoine’s plans drastically change as he goes to find Savannah, caught in a Dark Pursuit.

Meet Antoine, the gargoyle shifter turned vampire, and his poet lover, Savannah, in this short story in the Chateau Seductions series

The Othala Witch Collection

The Othala Witch Collection has finally arrived on Amazon! Keep reading to see which books in the collection are now available for purchase or preorder!


Othala Witch Collection

I am thrilled to be part of this amazing paranormal romance collection. There are 16 standalone, full-length novels that are connected with a unique dystopian world. Look for a new book each book!

Othala Books on sale!

Othala Books on Pre-order!

You can keep up to date on Othala news, by visiting the Fallen Sorcerywebsite!

Alpha, Beta, Omega – A Shifter Boxset

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From today’s hottest NY Times, USA Today, and Bestselling authors comes a collection of 10 novellas, featuring hot alpha, beta, and omega shifters. If you like tigers, bears, wolves, and more you’ll love this box set. Each story is either a first in a series or a stand-alone novella.

Check out the line up!

A Tiger’s Claim by Lia Davis
The Scarlett Legacy by K.N. Lee
Tiger Time by Marissa Dobson
Healer’s Fate by Beth Caudill
Bearly Smitten (The Alpha’s Bride Book 1) by Misha Carver
Reluctant Revenge – Under the Demon’s Skin by Xandra James
Feral – A Many Lives Story by Laxmi Hariharan
The Beta’s Mate by Bethany Shaw
Night Falls by Nicole Morgan
Wounds to Bear (Heart of The Bear Book One) by Lily Marie


Flash Fiction

“Hey!” she murmured feeling as though any second she was going to throw up, “Remember the time there was you, me, and that enormous bottle of Tequila Silver?” She finally asked him, her best friend of X-number of years, Rafe.
He shot her a grin looking both astoundingly handsome and ridiculously happy as he smiled at her. His blond hair was pushed back behind his ears, still, too long, she thought randomly before meeting the blue eyes staring back at her.
“Wow,” he said with a shake of his head. “That was some night,” he added.”Happy times, eh Jess?”
“The best,” she confirmed loosing herself in the memory of that night. Her boyfriend had become her ex and in the space of days he’d taken just about everything he could from their place and left her with a spot available on the romantic break in Spain they’d booked. Unable to get her money back Rafe had suggested he go with her instead. Sun, fun, and laughter had filled the days and in the evenings, wine, good food, and this wonderful man had filled the nights. All very celibate, though.
“I have something to tell you,” he said the words she was thinking at that very second and she sucked in a breath ready to speak.
“I’m…” They both said at the same time. “Go ahead,” she murmured putting off the moment again.
“I’m getting married,” Rafe announced. “Her name is Rebecca , she’s a doctor and…!”
She felt it then, a sharp pain inside at his words as she cut out the flowing praise he was uttering as he spoke about the woman he was going to marry. She had to be happy for him, didn’t she? She nodded, bobbing her head a number of times as she absorbed his words. “Congratulations,” she finally mustered.
“Thank you,” he reached for her hand and held it within his own. “It doesn’t change us, we’re still best friends aren’t we Jess?”
“No, of course…” little did he know that had been part of the speech that she’d had planned in her head when she’d arranged this lunch.
‘Hey, remember the tequila,’ she’d planned to say, and then follow it with, well that night when we got a little carried away it seems that now I’m pregnant,’ she was going to say to him, ‘your the father.’. Only she couldn’t say any of that now. She couldn’t spoil his happiness.
“Here she is now, I really want you to like her Jess,” Rafe murmured.
Looking up Jess groaned as she recognised the woman coming towards them. Doctor. Right. She groaned again because of course, it was the locum doctor who’d confirmed her pregnancy just a few days ago. What were the chances.
She was so never drinking tequila again…