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Dr Who (Contains Spoilers)

The reasons I still watch Dr Who….

  1. Clara Oswald isn’t a bad companion.
  2. Stories are sometimes okay.
  3. It’s Dr Who….

Reason why I’ll stop watching…

1. Peter Capaldi.

I just can’t bring myself to like him as the Doctor.   People keep telling me that the more I see of him the more I’ll come around.  The actor is talented, I’m not dismissing that but for me (and a few others that lurk around in dark corners on the Internet) he just isn’t the Doctor.

So please stop telling me I’m not a loyal fan.  Stop telling me I’ll like him.  Stop telling me my opinion is invalid and for heaven’s sake stop telling me I must only be a Matt Smith or David Tennant fan. I wasn’t overly impressed with Matt Smith when he assumed the mantle and I would have liked to have seen Christopher Eccleston in the role for another season before David took over.

For your information my favourite Doctor was Tom Baker, with a special mention for when Peter Cushing took on the character.  Let me guess you’ve never heard that Peter Cushing was the Doctor? What kind of fan are you then? Also, if your next words are ‘well Capadi is a bit like Tom Baker’  I will be forced to hunt you down and spank you.
So I sit down on a Saturday night and look at the TV screen expecting the storytelling to keep me entertained enough to keep watching.  He can’t keep the role forever right? I mean we are going to get another regeneration sooner or later aren’t we?

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in Love…

I just read an article by a woman who states ‘my husband doesn’t find my body sexy’.   I found myself reading down her words and wondering why she is still with him.

Sure, he says he loves her but without passion can you have the HEA?

I’ve been in love with one man for a long long long time.  This man I can never have. This man goes against every type I’ve ever been attracted to. He’s not muscle bound, blond or even romantic-cover handsome but he challenges me to think and fell in ways I never expected.  I know without doubt that I put a bit of him in every male character I write.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to go with him to New Zealand and live but my circumstances wouldn’t allow the change and so I lost him, yet I don’t regret it.  That makes me wonder if perhaps I’m more in love with the idea of him than the actual person.

What makes love?  What fuels passion?  Over to you dear readers… or well reader,  ;)  what are your experiences? Let’s talk about this…

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Top Tips From Authors


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Originally posted on :

I like to pick authors brains about their top tips. Now and then I post questions on Facebook for authors and readers feedback on writing and books. Thanks everyone for their feedback!

I have to put my favourite quote first, as I really believe this! If you’re a writer, novels should not only be read for enjoyment purposes, but also as research. Look at the authors writing style, the layout, the way they describe things etc. If you treat writing as studying also, then you are sure to learn a lot. Some of my favourite authors have really inspired me, and whichever genre I am writing at the time, I like to read that genre also.

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Nothing to blog about

No, not writers block.  I’m just out of blog ideas.

There is always a lot going on in my personal life that saps my energy and half of it I think is way way way too boring to put in a blog update.

I’m unemployed.  Which I’m starting to think is the same as unemployable.  Hunting for work is a full time job in itself.  I look in all the usual places, job boards, Universal job match, show windows, word of mouth, newspapers,  agencies.  I’ve applied for over a 100 jobs this month alone, which starts with reading the advert, seeing what skills they want, adjusting my CV and cover letter and they are the easy ones to do. Application forms are much harder.


Buzz words are great fun. As a writer I can usually construct a sentence with the required buzz word in, like efficient or effective,  customer focused, reliable, methodical, organised, flexible… and so on…  for those of you out there in the same boat but are struggling to come up with skills that match the buzz words think about what you do in every day life.

For example do you get your kid to school on time every day? Do you always arrive 10 minutes early for appointments?  I would say that was Time Management

Do you have a system to pay your bills? Do you keep your paperwork in the same place, whether it is a kitchen drawer or a filing cabinet.  Organisation and Record Keeping….

Do you have a calendar and mark out dentist or doctor appointments, school events? Keep track of birthdays even?  Diary Management 

See how the little bits add up? See how you posses skills that you don’t think you have?

If you think you won’t have a chance against other candidates then you are crippling yourself before you even start.  They may have office experience or shop experience… but what you do have?  Running a home and taking care of a family is just as valid.   Go for it. If you get knocked back… use that as practice for the next time and the next time.   Believe in you because there are so many people out there that won’t care, that look for an excuse to put people down.   And there is help out there, from courses run by the job centres on looking for work to interview skills.  Ask.  You as much as anyone are worth investing in so what are you waiting for?

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Welcome to ….

Welcome to a new blogger ..a new voice in the wilderness…  please go over and give her blog a like! Let’s share the love everyone!



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Today I will….


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Feel Free to Comment…

So I’ve noticed that although there is a lot of traffic on this blog not a lot of you stay around long enough to add a comment.

Let’s do something to change that.  If there is a subject that you feel strongly about and we’ve mentioned then add your thoughts.

If there is a book that you like …. please add a line or two to say why.  If you are an author and you want to add me to your blog tour then by all means give me a shout.

This blog is evolving, adapting, changing.  It is a growing thing and we’d like your input.

We adore comments, likes and most especially follows.





This is another update… aren’t you lucky!

What is this all about?

This blog is about me.   About the things I do and like and see and things that worry me.  It is about communication on so many levels from writing and fun stuff and text messaging and online chatting and Facebook addiction. About the things I do and things I think and just things in general….. There will be long rants and strange posts and sometimes posts about nothing at all… Poetry and stories….  Keep reading… It is about life from mundane topic of clothes I wear to comments about society.   Things that scare me, challenge me and entertain me.   And it is probably just like a hundred other blogs you read.  But just to make it special you’ll see my writing, my poetry and story ideas. You’ll see my successes and my frustrations.

I’ve always written and had crazy ideas about characters and in my writing of ‘Fan Fiction’  you’ll witness how I’ve taken some existing characters and added my own.   For more information on this check out the post entitled ‘Fan Fiction’ where I explain what  Rola is and how it came about.  I write about an original character called Ella and Roman Harris from the Australian Soap opera ‘Home and Away’. This series of stories is ongoing with more stories planned out.   It has it’s own fan base who love “Rola”… Check out ‘Debated Heart’ for a taster. This is a stand-alone Rola story. Interestingly enough is the fact that after 20 years I no longer watch the show but I still write the stories.

I flirt with vampires.   Having grown up loving the immortal and supernatural characters I know I have a whole range of stories about them. A taster is my story ‘Dante’.  My 300-year-old vampire is impatiently awaiting me to update his story (especially as inside my head I already have the sequel!) A first taster can be found on this blog.

Check out my poetry. I’ve been writing poetry all my life, my first published piece was placed on the wall at junior school when I was just 10!   I say that if you want to know me then decipher the poems as I add a bit of ‘me’ to each one. I’ve posted some of my poetry here under ‘Publications and Other Things’. What inspires me to write? Everything and nothing.  Its about experimenting with expression.


Other Bloggers,

Now I’m sure that you’ve noticed I’ve persuaded a number of other people to start blogging here and have given them their own category so that you can find them.

First you have own very own Mr. Gray with ‘Gray is the new… ‘ and although he might deny it so happens that he is an exceptional writer.

Then we have Zetti.  There is an awful lot I can say about Zetti however I’m saving it so I can blackmail her later. I’ve given her the category of ‘Zetti goes Zen’.  She has a wonderful insight into things sometimes. Very Zen.

Last but no means least is Steve. He is an amazing human being, a gentle soul and he also possesses the best sense of humour.  We couldn’t decide what category to give him until we agreed on ‘Steve’s Zany Fun’. It doesn’t sum him up at all because there is so much more to him than just his zany sense of humour.

Check them out.

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