Dear Internet…

This is an interesting article found on regarding the amount of harassment that seems to be prevalent online.   I’ve been targeted simply because I voted Remain in the EU Referendum.  Mine was mild by comparison to what other users have experienced.

Anyway, here’s the link and don’t go into the comments unless you really want that vein to pop out in your forehead.  Someone let the Trolls out again…

His to Bear – Jennifer Hilt

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All Werebears…All Alaska

Vampire Meg Chambers has everything she ever wanted–great new job, the perfect place to live, and she’s even feeling some sparks flying between herself and her ice-bear shifter landlord and town sheriff, Ash Barlow. Too bad her employment contract stipulates if she acts on the attraction, she’s sentenced to death by staking.

Sheriff Ash Barlow’s off limits sexy housemate is leaving her lingerie in their shared bathroom and sleeping in his guest room. Fighting their attraction for each other becomes impossible as blizzards and bear traps throw these two forbidden lovers together. When Meg suffers a serious injury will Ash do the one thing necessary to save her and forever change their lives?

His to Bear is the first story in the Icy Cap setting of the Alaskan Den Men Series. It can be read as a standalone or as part of the series. Each main couple has their own happily ever after (because life is too short not to know). However, other characters may wander in and out of future stories as they wish.


The Girl on the Roof – Eileen Cruz Coleman

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Twenty-one-year-old Kara has always suffered from anxiety, has never had a boyfriend and can’t seem to keep a job for longer than a few days. Kara’s life sucks and that’s the truth of it. Things may start looking up, though. She has a job she thinks she can keep and every day, she eats her lunch on the roof of the building in peace away from people.

One day while on the roof she witnesses a disturbing event taking place on the ground below her. Black smoke has appeared out of nowhere. People are screaming and dropping to the ground. Kara watches, frozen and terrified as the smoke makes its way through the city.

She must now decide whether to wait for help that may never come or take a chance and leave to face whatever it is that is attacking the city.

Her choice is made for her when Lincoln, an angel, appears and tells her she must join him and the other angels in a battle against fallen angels and other dark supernatural beings who have joined forces to destroy the Earth.

Kara must now overcome her fear and help save the world, but can she do so without falling in love with Lincoln?

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Cinderella Dreams of Fire – Casey Lane


CinWhat if Cinderella led a double life?
Cinderella has a secret. In the 10 years since her mother’s death, she’s only pretended to be too weak to challenge her cold-blooded stepmother. By day, she cleans the floors and washes the laundry. By night, she takes to the streets as a fearless thief with no equal. Out on a routine mission, Cinderella never expected that she’d run into him…

Braedon is hardly a model prince. He spends most of his time in the tavern, much to the dismay of his royal mother. When an unexplainable blight strikes the queen’s soldiers down, Braedon’s attempt to help brings him face-to-face with the beautiful, sardonic thief. He wants nothing more than to partner up with her, even if it could get him killed…

The thief would much rather work alone, but the prince’s persistence starts to wear down her defenses. When the evil force decimating the army turns its attention to the throne, Cinderella and Braedon have one chance to save the kingdom, their loved ones, and themselves.

Cinderella Dreams of Fire is the first book in the Fairy Tales Forever series, a set of fantasy novels that inject the classic retellings you know with a burst of attitude. If you like strong female characters, action-packed fantasy, and simmering chemistry, then you’ll love Casey Lane’s romantic, fast-paced adaptation.


The Dream Ripper – Scott Tracey

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There is a world alongside our own, where you go every night when you sleep.

Erica Powell always considered her life to be average. Sure she can enter the world of Somnus, where the dreams of everyone she knows hang like works of art in a gallery, but then again, so can the rest of her family. Then her brother Joshua is murdered, and everything changes.

Now, the only thing she’s considering is revenge.

Her only friend in a world full of nightmares is the self-absorbed Arc, an incubus who makes a living selling stolen goods to the right buyer. Arc can’t help being flirtatious and charming, which makes him the perfect resource for Erica to exploit in her hunt.

She never dreamed the thing that brought them together could be what ultimately rips them apart.

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His Rules – Ali Parker

His Rules
Billionaire Alpha #5

One too many cracks in a shallow foundation will cause it to crumble. …

An unfortunate side effect of ‘taking a break’ is the relief that Bethany didn’t expect to feel. With her master’s program having started, her teaching assistant job going well and her work load at M&B, she’s grateful to take one thing off her plate, but that relief doesn’t last too long.

A new woman has joined the firm, one of Damon’s old flames. She’s sugary sweet on the outside, but just below the surface lies a home wrecker. One with her eye on a certain alpha billionaire.